MediaTek Automated Cleaner Test Results

Text Box: 2004 Report
In-house manufacturer’s tests have shown that optical media with just over 30,000 contaminant particles per side have to do retries reading and writing.  The same extensive tests showed that optical disks with 100,000 to 200,000 contaminant particles cannot read or write certain sectors at all.
Plasmon’s testing found that MediaTek’s proprietary  cleaning process reduced the contamination levels on an optical disk from 140,840 particles to just 438 particles.  
When millions of dollars are at stake for every minute of downtime or defective data, cleaning away thousands of minute particles can make all the difference.
MediaTek’s decade of field experience has revealed that the majority of on-site customers have media that is at least a 200,000 particle-count contamination level, with most having many times greater. 
During the manufacturer’s in-house testing of MediaTek’s automated cleaner-inspector, they found that MediaTek’s proprietary  process reduced the contamination levels from 140,840 particles to 438 particles.  The manufacturer’s brand new disk has allowable contaminant levels of 500-1000 particles per side.   A specific piece of equipment was developed by the manufacturer to allow “scanning” of the contaminated surfaces and detection of the precise particle count.

Superior Testing Results

This specialized cleaning equipment was designed and manufactured by MediaTek-AEI and is a

proprietary, patented design.


Only MediaTek can offer the superior particle cleaning results of this proprietary cleaner with double-cleaning arm, rotation mechanism with solution applied to both sides during each cycle. Each automatically cleaned disk is also followed with individual buffing and final inspection with specialized cloths.

Cleans: 12”, 5.25”, UDO (Ultra Density Optical), and CD/DVDs.



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This manufacturer determined MediaTek’s automated cleaning process to be safe, efficient, and a recommended method of cleaning large numbers of disks.

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