For example, one organization has 7,000 users on their system at $20 per hour ($140,000). Taking $140,000/hr times 55 hours of additional uptime, they achieved $7,700,000 in savings for the year.

The organization cited automated cleaning as a significant factor in that savings. This data was necessary for the ongoing operations of the company.

With prolonged downtime due to contaminated media, this company could not meet its projected revenue goals for the year. Most companies rely on data access in order to meet projected goals.

That large international financial institution could have been negatively impacted due to loss of data or accessibility. Now think about a smaller site of about 200 disks. Small businesses are just as dependent on data access as large ones.

A particular insurance company, with 200 optical disks in use and 800 users, could achieve approximately 12 hours of additional

E-DOC Magazine Article, May-June 2003 Issue

Brenda Quilling Article, Cont.

uptime and save their company $200,000 per year.

Research has shown that a two or three times per year automated disk maintenance program can save you over $1,000 per disk.

A question often asked is: "Can't I clean these disks myself?" Many companies have said that attempting self-cleaning with a manual kit has caused them more harm than help.

Even a jukebox drive engineer said it took him over one-half hour to manually clean his test disk with a kit, and he was still not satisfied with the result.

Bottom line: let a professional do the job for you because they have the proper equipment and are trained.

The question is, do you trust yourself as a nonprofessional to clean optical disks that your entire company relies on for revenue generation?

Trust the professionals.


 Brenda Quilling Former President,
MediaTek- AEI, Inc.





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