Optical Disk Maintenance

Why You Need Optical Disk Cleaning

This is the dirt and corrupting grime
from disks cleaned with
Automated Optical Disk Cleanerô

National Leader in Optical Disk Maintenance

Donít Risk Data Loss!

ďA properly cleaned disk is the foundation for any diagnostic procedure. Otherwise you run in circles trying to diagnose problems with the disks, drive and jukeboxes.Ē

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How do you know your
disks are contaminated?

The symptoms may be masked and hard to diagnose. Repeated service calls for intermittent problems may actually be caused by a dirty disk.

You may be wasting money on service calls that arenít fixing the problem.

Professional optical disk cleaning will save your data, time and money!

Disks in optimal operating condition will:

 Safeguard your data and improve access time

 Reduce read errors

 Reduce the number of service calls and downtime

 Increase customer satisfaction

 Maximize disk capacity

Once you see the difference a professional cleaning makes in your data retrieval process, youíll see why we recommend cleaning your disks twice a year.


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