"Ever since MediaTek’s disk cleaning six months ago, all drive & jukebox problems have cleared up. We are definitely staying with a six-month cleaning schedule — just like going to the dentist!”

Bayer Corporation

"We were having to change out drives on a quarterly basis because the laser could not cut through the dirt buildup on the disks. Since MediaTek cleaned the disks a year ago, we have not had to replace a drive."

Charles Schwab Site Engineer

"Due to MediaTek's on-site cleaning, 90% of my data was restored on my 12" disk, saving me a great deal of time and company money."

Tyndall Federal Credit Union

"After MediaTek's service, virtually all read errors disappeared."

Hamilton County Sheriff

Maintaining our optical media on a semi-annual schedule with MediaTek has kept our systems running very smoothly.

JP Morgan Chase

“The greatest single cause of storage subsystem failure is dirt and debris on the surface of the optical disk or in the drive mechanism. Very often there is nothing wrong with the drive or media.”




Here are some MediaTek customer comments about our services, professionalism, and expertise:

"In trying to clean one of our 5.25" disks myself, I found scratches on the disk surface. Immediately I called MediaTek.  I was both relieved and pleased to have MediaTek's professional equipment and expertise on-site to safely complete the job."

Wells Fargo Bank

"It is a relief to know we can confidently offer professional disk cleaning to our clients across the country who want to take good care of their optical jukebox systems but previously had nowhere to turn."

EISA (Electronic Imaging Systems of America)

A properly cleaned disk is the foundation for any diagnostic procedure. Otherwise you run in circles trying to diagnose problems with the disks, drive and jukeboxes.”

HP On-Site Engineer 

Why Companies are
Using MediaTek's Periodic
Cleaning Service

· Your business may depend on the data stored on optical disks.

· MediaTek can help you maintain the integrity of that data.

· MediaTek has more than ten years in the media cleaning field.

· MediaTek’s automated disk cleaning has saved companies over $1,000 per disk.

· MediaTek has successfully cleaned over a quarter of a million optical disks.

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