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Text Box: MediaTek is an optical disk media cleaning corporation formerly owned and operated by Brenda Quilling. Now owned and operated by Joseph Garrido. 
In keeping with increased global needs for critical data protection and data storage maintenance, MediaTek-AEI signed a partnership contract with Eastman Kodak Company. 

This partnership greatly enhances MediaTek’s ability to provide its mission-critical disk maintenance service to clients throughout the USA, Europe and Canada.

In addition to its East and West Coast offices, MediaTek-AEI has opened a third office in the Midwest and is able to quickly dispatch its many highly-trained technicians to anywhere in the country. 

We send our MediaTek team of two or more expertly trained technicians, using our proprietary solution and cloths to safely and quickly complete the job. 

Our services can be performed after hours, on weekends, or at any time that creates the least interruption for your business. Alternatively, you may send the disks to us for depot services.



MediaTek-AEI began servicing West Coast  businesses in 1993, cleaning removable magnetic media. 


In 1994, after six months of thorough
in-house materials and methodology testing, MediaTek-AEI introduced professional on-site cleaning of optical media. 


By 1995, operations were expanded to nationwide service, through many referrals from other optical jukebox and drive service companies. 


In 1996 MediaTek-AEI began its research and development for an automated optical disk cleaner.  
This culminated in producing the
"Universal Optical Disk Automated Cleaner-Inspector" (UODACI) in 1998.

MediaTek’s Unique

Universal Optical Disk
Automated Cleaner-Inspector

Patented 2002

Plasmon Test Results for MediaTek Automated Cleaner

Plasmon tested MediaTek’s automated cleaner in June of 2002 with their scanner/analyzer and determined it to be safe, effective, and efficient.


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