You may not even be aware of the danger. Most optical disk drives are not airtight.
Dirt and grime build up on your disks and threaten your critical data.

Field engineers know that a properly cleaned disk is the foundation for any diagnostic procedure.

Dirty optical disks cause:

· Corruption, even loss of data, not to mention liability

· Read errors (annoying, costly downtime)

· Reduction of disk capacity by as much as 60%

· Unnecessary service calls that slow you down and cost you money!

By using MediaTek’s expert services, you will save countless labor-hours and, more importantly, avoid the enormous liability of having inexperienced personnel damage your valuable disks in an attempt to clean them.

Optical Disk Maintenance

Professional Optical Disk Cleaning

“We learned the hard way: If you do not start out with a clean disk you could run in circles trying to diagnose problems with the disks, drives and jukeboxes! After 2 months of trying – and failing –  to resolve read errors, we had the disks professionally cleaned. That finally eliminated the problem! We plan to stay on a regular maintenance schedule from now on.”

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Major optical media manufacturers   recommend regular cleaning and inspection (every 3 - 6 months) of the optical disk media.

Professional optical disk cleaning

can save your data, time and money!

Like any expensive, critical system, your company’s data system cannot be left to an individual trying to clean hundreds of disks by hand. There is too much risk and liability.

Major corporate data systems require a technical maintenance team with
state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience.

MediaTek's professional team will come to your site, after your working hours or on weekends, with patented equipment and expertise.





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